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Erasmus + Employability - “A challenge for youth-Dreams and Reality”

I participated to “Jobshadowing” Mobility in Pisa ,Italy between 4-10 May 2015,also during an entire week I participated and attended some technical specialty classes in “ITIS Leonardo da Vinci” High School Pisa.
I enjoyed the great hospitality of my partners from Pisa when I stay in Italy. The project coordinator Annalisa di Pierro and the others colleagues :Adriana Scalera, AnnalisaLamanna, TuliaBlundo and others, have taken care of me.
On Monday  I attended to a Mechanic class of Angela Rossodivita teacher which it develops in two hours. The lesson theme was about Pitot tube and applications in technical constructions.
The lesson was about teaching notions about static pressure, Pitot tube working principle, differential pressure gauge, anemometer. In the first hour was checked the students previous  knowledge and in the second hour was solved the problem which was their homework.
The students from the third year were active,they had participated asking questions,had opinions and arguing the required explanations and they had some demonstrations on the blackboard.
On Tuesday, the whole learning system was on strike in Italy.I did not participate to classes but in exchange I was to Annalisa Di Pierro home where we worked together to the preliminary report of the project.
On Wednesday I attended to two hours of Mechanical Tehnology,they were students from third year,they had made some oxyacetylene flame  welding demonstrations. During the lesson which was developed in the welding workshop the foreman presented the welding  instrument,protective equipment and he made a welding demonstrations of two metals. The students were paying attention, they asked questions about the foreman presentation.Teacher Martinego explained more and had supplementary explanations about theoxyacetylene flame  welding.
On Thursday I participated to “The anniversary of the tenth years of Etwinning” in Florence, together the Annalisa di Pierro and Annalisa Lammana.In Piazza Santa Maria Novella students from many schools from Tuscany region sang, playing to some musical instruments,they shared their opinions about Etwinning projects where they had participated together with other countries students.The organization of the event was amazing, the square was full of students,parents and teachers. In the end of the event they rose blue and yellow balloons as Europe colors into the brass band children music.The event was continued in the afternoon to the Michelangelo high school,where they sang songs,a theatre play and a lot of Power Pointpresentations of Etwinningambassadors. Here Annalisa di Pierro presented our project”Employability - “A challenge for youth-Dreams and Reality”,themettings which had already took place in Greece and United Kingdom. It was a well structured presentation focusing on the activities of every meeting.Annalisa di Pierro showed the Etwinning  goals and also the tools.
On Friday, I attended to teacher Giannini lesson on the fourth year of technical drawing.The students drawcog wheels on A3 size ,they draw in one view and a section to the quota set by the teacher.In the classroom the teacher corrects some papers and grades them, six is the passing mark.In the classroom were twenty five students,every student had the drawing paper and tools and of course their notebooks.The students draws correctly ,paying attention to their work.
On Saturday I participated to the lesson “Planning and organization of commercial societies,safety,quality”.Teacher LoredanaGiannini used the smart board in her presentation about process types and she presented a modern method “Just in time”
The students were paying attention to her explanations,they had made some examples of the theoretical ideas and also they asked some questions and solved problems suggested by their teacher.After this class Ado Graffagnino the foreman showed me the Cad-Cam lab, how the students were using the worksheets to determine the lathe axis. The students can  do programs on PC for lathe processing and milling with a minimum command,these are expensive devices of the high school.
For me this activity to  ITIS Leonardo da Vinci from Pisa, represented a valuable and very important experience exchange, from this I found out something about Italian learning system.I met engineer teachers and the other teachers with a lot of experience in teaching and a  vast professional training .
I saw how it is used the smart board ,I learnt new programs  and how to work with them in the classroom and how to write through new  PC programs some documents.
During my visit in Pisa I could learn more Italian language and to enrich my knowledge’s about Italian culture. I visited touristic objectives in Pisa, Florence,and Lucca,the town where was born Giacomo Puccini.I enjoyed my colleagues welcomed .

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